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Chapter 4

Our religion is a religion of learning. You can learn the unity thoroughly only by searching, focusing, seeking, experiencing, understanding and living the duality while being within it. Learning is creation. Do not aim unity, focus on duality and deepen the fall inside the dream.
- Illumination quotes

You believe in demons, but I know them. I entered the land of Fadr in the spring of 1666 with my master, Great Magus Behran of the East. Ash like skies and a smell of sulfur around everywhere, and a nature does not work like our one. When you draw a circle around yourself, it becomes a flying soil in circle shape under you, and when you make a sound of a crow, you become a crow.

I always wanted the most wonderful experiences giving the most impossible levels of ecstasy. So I entered the hall where the thrones of the Lords of these realms located. The color was not only an immensely glowing light encompassing each and every of us, it was more than that, there were all colors, including pitch black and crimson red and phosphorous green, all in their most vivid color with no equivalent in our home world.

Sorry, reader. What you hear is only a glimpse.

I saw from the mountaintop, a heinous ritual. The mountain was covered with a material glowing with a special frequency of black, brilliant black diamond, giving a feeling of uttermost hatred. You would feel it as the most alive feeling, if it was in our home world, only slight resemblance would be of the ones of the evil deeds of Devil Worshipers, but not the whole feeling. This day, I hated everything so deeply that this wondrous feeling gave me a special strength, comparable to Gods of Abrahamites. I felt like a God myself.

The sky was very heavy this day. Or it was because of the place we visited. We have traveled there on pentagram shaped flying soil, covered with reddish blood of unknown animals, or of humans which I don’t know where they are from. The sky was completely black this time. It was not dark, it was black. The living, alive blackness is different than just lack of light. This black air encompasses you, just like what your Lords light does. A heavy black, first pressuring on you, then entering from your empty holes, from your mouth, nostrils, ears, and from your back. It enters your body, perhaps so fast, perhaps even from your skin, it enters into you, and then the heaviness of air suddenly lifts, you become one with the black air, and you start to feel the feelings of it. This is not to be translated to our worlds languages.

On the mountaintop, they showed me a ritual. Twelve pentagrams, one at the center, eleven at the outside of this center making a star polygon around the central pentagram. Each pentagram has five priests, full black cloaked, they were turning the pentagrams clockwise, singing a song from Hell, and opening black channels appearing just at the centers of the pentagrams they are working on. And at the center of the central pentagram, there was the Archangel Michael, crucified, tormented forever and ever, organs outside, decapitated head, burned eyes and a elongated tongue outside of his mouth, cutted from different angles. This ritual was going on forever. And ever.

I have joined the ritual with my infinite hatred against the existence. They gave me a spear, which they said, not of this creation, but belonging to a former one, which was of no color that I knew. And I have inserted this holy spear into the body of the Archangel. Again and again. Each time, my anger and reaction increased. I hit the spear, and tried to make it enter to the body deeper. I wanted to hit harder each time. Again. And again. And I entered the body much harder with a greater enthusiasm and hatred, materialized in my body shape and face expression. I don’t know for how long I continued it, since I lost the sensation of time in these realms. I covered all the lands around the mountaintop with the blood of the Archangel. It just, sinked and lost within other blood. Nothing special.

When I returned from the lands of demons, I was no longer a man of God.

The Satanist
Chapter 1

Thou Shalt Kill
I am going to expose all about my initiator and his biggest teaching to me in these series, but first repeat the prayer I am giving below. Please repeat it aloud, say it openly and it will make you get the whole of these notes. If you don't, you will not get the inspiration source needed to complete the action. I know what I am talking, trust this, and please repeat word by word:

I open myself to the Golachab principle of the sixth realm in heavens. I open myself to the other side of being.

I open myself to Him and I am becoming a channel for Him.

I am a channel of the sixth realm and I get the energy and knowledge coming from Him into me. I am accumulating the Black Light, and I am channeling it outside.

I became a part of the other side of existence, and its power.

Try to be honest in your tone of wording. Try to feel it word by word. As I said it is necessary to get my whole message in these writings.

He has died within deep down the ocean two months ago. Well, at least that's the current information. He has some techniques to transfer his consciousness to new host bodies, so well he is probably alive somewhere else but we don't know where or whom with. The technique is like both deep hypnotism, astral body replacement and energy centers rearrangements mix; it is a high level in 'arts' as we call it.

He is human. Or, lets say, once he was. Now it is a little complicated. What, or how you can think of someone well above from humanity in all aspects?
Incarnation gates are at the hands of our allies. He was one of the first ones to contact those so-called "Karmic masters'. The enemies? "White ones" they call themselves, they hold the centers pumping energy to these prison lands.

Let me tell you my story a little too, which can make you understand him better.

I want to behave childishly and pour the whole destruction power of universe which it universe itself can or cannot hold. It should be just on the line of total destruction and luckily salvation. Ambiguity is needed, even at the end. Borderlands or extremity? No, just the nature of my self. My teacher said he liked this side of me and decided to teach me.

He made me create a new magical Order.

"Aim is to progress. Next frontier for humanity is not genetics, not space, not computers= it is the "mind" itself. Others can assist this either. So, the fruit of this aim is the progress of mind. You will serve this aim, help others to progress in it at the same time, and this aim will serve you, and those others will serve you in return aswell."
"Order means you will enforce an orderly struggle for the mind progress. Bigger part is your own control of your self, lesser part the others. Any goal needs instruments. An Order aimed on mind progress needs the instrument of total mind control, both your own and others, which is something found in the least place coming into mind."

"You know the way to control your own mind. It is nothing for you. Controlling the minds of others work very similarly to the principles of ..... . To apply it contemplate and create corresponding associations, try to explain everything with the dynamics of ..... . First you need to get total attention of others. For this, people should need something you hold and know it that you hold this thing. This is the second greatest type of power as you know. How you can create this power turbulance within you, find it yourself."
I associated many things he was teaching to me with each other. I found the answers for how to create this power out of nothing targeting all others around the world.
Since my teacher didn't teach this thing openly to me, I will not do it to you either. Not now. Read on. You will understand better at the end. Hopefully.

Trash Can
You are, in essence, need to learn some other apparently unrelated stuff. Let's make a stroy within story:

".. but why eleven cards, shouldn't it be ten?

Surprized reaction in his old eyes. At the same time like he has heard something very funny :

"Don't you know?.."

Hint: Connect the dots. I am not going to give you more 'hints' about what hints are going on.

Ehm.. Well, if you are still reading this "story" of mine, probably it means I have found a new succesful sub-genre in storytelling.

I have met my teacher in a theatre performance for the first time. He was wearing all-red. He made me focus on the play and asked questions related to act of 'playing'.
He even tested me. He has tested me many times, and I have passed many of them, otherwise I would not talking these issues to you as I guess.

Anyways this first test was just to make me sing a song from a music type I don't like at all. I had to perform it in all integrity and full involvement. Success. But such an act makes you feel like if you have been fucked in the ass.

Good side is transformation and it also relates to the truth about theater performance. There are learned and unknown 'acts' for each person; and we use the most well known plays in our daily lives automatically.

When you start to be 'anything', or nearly anything automatically, you are said to be ready to walk the 'path'. It is also related to power and authority. Politics. Never forget the 'integrity' part. It is not doing something you are actually not. You are nothing. You are empty. You can become anything. And you should really become these things. This is the art of ritual magic either.

It really connects you to higher truths in existence. It really opens spiritual gates.

Now you are answered on why I have inserted such a different introduction at the beginning. I am not going to teach you openly, and the knowledge you seek now can only be unveiled to you if you embrace the energy channel I have described, even gave a key.

If you do not tune into it, you will not be able to connect the dots. So, if you didn't what I said exactly as I said, do it now, start reading from beginning.
Yes, theatre. Is it also another hint to final question? No.

Hatchery And
Great White Canoe

Hide somethings from yourself. Try it. It is hard but some people found ways to do it. It is the greatest attention call. But you should know that something is hidden. It is used by magical Orders. It is used by Women through ages. Clothes are also causing the same effect. Even God uses this technique, to cause you struggle to find her.

How can you hide something from yourself?

Perhaps you already did, and not able to remember it? Okay, come on, I am joking. But, just go and give a try to find a way to hide something from yourself.

Learning mind is like a laser beam in relation to your body. It tries to discover. It is very much 'male'. When a 'veil' is put on anything, mind tries to 'learn' what is behind. One of the best methods to keep mind focused on something is to make it wear clothes. (My "find a way to hide something from yourself" is not that easy, I meant make something hidden from your mind) Veils attract mind focus. Even your soul wears clothes and here is your material self and ego emerged.

What is the role of veils in these happenings? What are they trying to do? What is the aim of it?

Black Light:
A World To Win

Powerful people does not give their interest on petty things. You cannot attract them by ordinary material ends.

Knowledge? Well, maybe. Not necessarily. Beauty? False stop. Perhaps the real answer is 'understanding'. Then you should develop an understanding well beyond any others and perform it. Essence of the Order.

Only the ones who deserve knowing it should know it. Others: show them the same thing, explain the wisdom of 'act', and what they understand will be this= "They have an interest-catching organization aimed on controlling powerful people utilizing theatrical ceremonies, serving such desires like 'knowing the mysterious' and 'being a mystical person' within such aristocratic weirdoes." From a side: a good explanation.

But that's not the answer to the big question I have installed on your mind, weirdo.

Some see different. I have seen such a scene. My Master unveiled a newly beheaded body, and said in a religious tone in the lodge:

"Thou shalt kill".

And I have repeated.

Have you ever witnessed such a thing?

Aliens: Resurrection
Read 'Death Gate Cycle' series from Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman. Or do not read it. After all, what would happen if you read any shit suggested to you? Also those authors are our enemies actually; their books always focus on our kind with a special interest, and at the end of the story, they try to create a mental blockage with "bad ends" for our students. It does not work that way. And.. Life is not that long bad boy. Who can read that much?

Here is the end of the first chapter.

If you want the rest, pray..

.. Oh..
By the way..

There is nothing such as 'aliens'. There are other things though.

The Woman Prophet
Chapter 1
Project Ubermensch

Before the beginning of time there was nothingness. And the images emerged. Two pearls, black and white. They tried to conquer each other; to reach the nothingness for one and to overcome the nothingness for two. From this conflict came out the conscious and being. Then appeared a man with godly abilities. He was the synthesis of black loves manifestation and white wills determination. He was Dojeh. His flesh was from the black and his thought was from the white. He reached both his sources. To reach and to overcome the nothingness he changed. While he approached the black pearl he wanted to turn it white and while he approached the white pearl he wanted to turn it black. He mastered both pearls while changing himself according to roots. This way he reached the nothingness. Then he mated with it. He got ten children from the nothing. Because his blackness outweighed, he devoured all of them. This way he overcame the nothingness.

But the eleventh child was different. After Dojeh swallowed him, he tore his fathers belly. This exit became a gate to the chaotic waters. Dojeh saw the eleventh was transformed into something terrible by the touch of acidic bile inside his stomach. A burned skin, and a harsh face with a mouth pouring acidic poison together with eyes loaded with fury. Dojeh named him Mar-dei, and called him his Enemy until the eternity. Together with Mardei, ten rescued brothers based on the top of Mount Ebal. And Mardei declared his curse on his father. He promised his brethren that they will destroy Dojeh and they will master both pearls, the nothingness and all the beyond.

This is the story of the most ancient times inside Asdean community. They believe they are the children of Mardei and they seek 'a better world created from their own values and wisdom'. They started a revolution inside the country of Babel and declared 'a holy war against the rest of the creation'. While preparing the war, they were telling everyone that they are still inside the stomach of Dojeh and they should tear up the prison they are inside. For this, they started to transform all their members to red dragons like Mardei himself. They created a secret school of warriors who mastered both the soil and the divine. My long research on them shows that this transformation has both symbolical and literal changes toward the mythical creatures they praise. They are aiming to pass from the eleventh gate which they call The Path of Mardei, and their final aim is reaching the white pearl and mastering it. The Asdean Freedom Movement, as they call themselves, paved the way to a universal conflict among human beings and we are still living the effects spread from it.

Asdean revolution spread new messages. According to them, humanity should be harmonious with the rest of the nature. And the "goal of nature" should be highest thing ever possible, which automatically meant "the divine". This was to say they were to raise the humanity and creating super women and men from it and it was going to be the next victory of nature. Time passed and they succeeded in their basic plans. Women took their real role inside the society back again after five thousand years of men's tyranny. And it is understood by the whole human nation that all kinds of philosophies, ideologies and religions should be judged according to the goals and benefits of nature and the mind. Basic education system has changed. Everybody got lessons of psychology, philosophy and different languages in their earliest ages. Humanity understood that the next level of humanity depends on the rise of intellect together with material.


Nimbatour was nine years old and he was reading a book he found in the house of village headman. Zutmael, his village was home to a hundred of barley farmers near a mountain. They breed cattle and messenger pigeons too. One night a group of black cloaked man came to Zutmael. Their torches in their left hands with their monotonous walk created a big flurry. "Tempters!" he heard a scream coming from outside. Nimbatour asked to his father who are these Tempters and why everybody were very anxious. "My son, believe in the heavens and have no doubt! I can't lose you. Start praying and repeat it all the time until they are gone. They took children. They took men and women. They talk to people to find out who has suspicions inside. Do not listen their tricky questions! They will take you if they see the smallest doubt in your heart." "But what they want? Why they get these people?" "They are changing.. them. They see the unseen things, and understand what we don't understand, but they are becoming something other than us. They are not human anymore. They have eyes they made themselves. They cut their students into pieces and gather again and again. Do not stop praying my son!"

These talk listened by an ear far from there with a smile "How false beliefs, and how true they are!" Master Aerola said. Then he talked and all the folks heard a sound extremely powerful, coming from every direction "People of Zutmael! Gather around us and be tested! Fear not since we came in peace and will go in peace!" And everybody exited their houses. There was a circle from fire around the cloaked group and village folk gathered around it. With great wonder Nimbatour found himself gazing towards the glass looking gray eyes of the speaker of Tempters.

"O children of Mardei! We are here to find students for the Path. We know what you are! Beware, we will teach you to open your eyes. Listen very well and understand, otherwise you will lose your chances to become real women and men!" and he gazed to an old woman in brilliant green and red dresses "O woman, do you know who rules the world, and who creates the wind coming from the North?" With fear the old woman replied "Yes great master, I believe in our beloved God. If Mardei wills the wind spreads, and all the things at the world listen his wills. O master, please spare us from your path!" Tempter looked her with a disapproving expression. And changed his gaze into the headman of the village. "You, the leader of these people, what would you say? How do you know the divine and what do you know about essence of life?" "Yes, master of secrets, I believe in the heavenly order and confusion of life. I believe our souls are the sparks of the divine and that our lives are sacrifices to reach the highest emanations. I believe on the Sohal's throne and the Kamar gateway of the souls. And I believe the.." "What do you know about the Kamar gateway?" "O master, I know souls came here and go when Kamar is empty or full." Tempter talked with anger "How do you know that? How do you know there is a throne in Sohal and how do you know that Mardei rules the world? How do you know all of these you pitiful herdsmen? Did you see them? Did you learn them by any measurement? How do you know what you say? Explain it to me!" Couldn't answered and bended down to the ground, headman was in fear. Under the hood of Tempters black cloak, gray eyes became reddish and Tempter started talking.

"To know something you have to experience it. Neither your logic reaches understanding divinity, nor you hear or see the heavens. You don't know if there is a god or not. But you claim believing. I believe you don't care that much actually if really there is a god or not. If you care, we will show you the path. Is there anyone who dare a try to understand and see? This is the only way people! Only this way you can see the passage of the souls! Then you will decide if there is a god or not yourself. And you will be freed from the prison of Dojeh!

If I were you, I would not believe a word our fathers taught to us about the spirits and the divine. If I wouldn't see the heavens I would doubt it. But you don't doubt, because you don't care! You only want to live like this, by the assistance and blessing of your God. Yes, he helps you. You want to believe in his goodness. You resist thinking. It is a shame for an Asdean brother, but yes if you want you can live like this.

We are looking for candidates of the path, not for the happiness of the herd. Weren't we opened a school for science of souls here? What was the name of biggest error of humans, the bias making them blind? I will make you remember. People tend to not see their bad sides. What it means? If you want to understand yourself and god, your main focus should be on the dark side. Because nothing else is the blockage but the bad sides, the evil since you avoid to see it. This understanding given to you to make you think but you are resisting! Don't you care a little? "

Nimbatour said with a shy tone "Great master, I want to see the spirits." And the Tempter smiled.


In the world Babel resides, each religion had their own fairies, ghosts, power stations and different creatures, but most people were not aware of them.
"To use and merge all these different spirits, to create the final level of earth's humanities new energy channels and the "new architecture", we will create a new man. We should be able to use all religions' and cultures' different spirits in this man, in this architecture. To do this, this new man should be initiated to all these religions. To each of them. This needs a different kind of hard and disciplined education. An esoterical education."

Nirtinian officer was from a northern country. He was one of the teachers came to these lands after the agreement between Asdean and Nordic secret schools.
"This is the only way to bridge the root with the present. Old temples have to be revived. This way we will reach much more older streams."

Listeners avoided any comment. They heard strategies and detailed plans on an interesting project. Decisions were going to be made in their home countries because an agreement on it was a very big commitment. But it was sounding good. All these terminology with daemons, saints, stars, persona, spirits and egregores were a little weird but they understood the logic behind it. Unifying the whole psychological, emotional and psychic sources of the whole humanity and creating a sample society. A new society with a great ability to touch on humanities every possible members' hearts and psyche. Together with a great understanding in this "New Man", towards everything and everybody. Ending the inner conflicts of humanity and preparing the ground for a much more greater effort. A unified race: humanity. An unbelievable effort towards.. Towards creating something mortally important. Actually the most important thing for each human being. It was the project to create the next level of humanity. The part hardest to understand for them was about a couple the officer mentioned:

"Then we will applause the Female. And this will remove the curse and the seals upon us. The man who has imprisoned us because we loathed his most beloved, will return to live together with the children - with us. This is the 'return'. It is the return of the Golden Age."


My dear reader, as you know, Asdeans designed the first "new generation" inside the world of Babel. And Khaennauhn started a new design for further improvements. First I will mention some evidences paved the way to the second design for the "new human" coming from humans themselves.

Xerze the Bald was the head of Nirtinian circle, the inner group of Asdean secret schools. Just before the revolution he took company with a woman politician from Wise Womens Council of Asdeans. Shirall was her name and she was chosen. They marvelously traveled to the Temple of Zazayl, 'the center of endings and death'. There Xerze requested help from the black dragon. ".. I ask you for your blessing for all her past and future deeds for she can be the pathway to the New. Please O Great Zazayl, brother of Mardei! Touch her for she can bring us the child we need!"

Then they started a journey guided by the forces unseen, first to the most brilliant star in the skies, and then to the place of twin souls. When their task ended, they returned to Mount Meran with the gifts of endings. 'Shirall the Bless', as she is known inside Asdeans now, died when giving birth to her blessed child. Nirtinians named the child 'Khaennauhn' when he grow and passed the first degree into the mysteries.

Xerze the Bald left the lead of inner circle and focused on studying the new paths they discovered with the help of dark gifts they received. Though their school of thought was not like the path of Zazayl, they learned a great deal from it. After the revolution they created a black obsidian structure inside a mountain by their new knowledge of darkness. to open a gate between all the divine and material spheres. 'Kulla Hadbrim' was to bridge all the divine and material spheres. But they couldn't use it for all its capacities.

Time passed and son of Shirall the Bless traveled to the realms of death and made extraordinary discoveries. In the second story you will learn about Khaennauhn and what he made to the world of Babel.

Chapter 2

Black Brothers

After twenty and two years of the revolution there was an enduring peace at the world. Peoples of different countries rioted against what they understood as wrong in humanity. Now there were no famines in the south, no conflicts in Babel because of ethnicity and belief and no oppression against any differences in the west. Asdeans built their dream. They thought their children that coming together is good because both of benefits and morality of it. Each individual considered as an 'organization' and with a communal education system they raised up one of the best educated generations of the world.


"Khaen-nauhn". He repeated it countless times until the night. Today he received an initiation test and after passing it he got his new name. Khaennauhn. A name, a mantra, a secret to explore.

Noone liked his behavior today. Masters found a contact to a newly discovered ancient spirit and the task was given to him. He greeted the spirit and said "I will be sincere and I ask you to be sincere please. Can you teach me things which I don't know?" Answer was, yes, absolutely. "Will I get benefit or harm from it?" "You will get no benefit from it, it will create only problems for you." And he felt like if the Master who was managing the test urged him in his mind "Well done child, now say your farewell to his presence." But he didn't. He asked for something else: "Will our people get benefit or harm from it, if you teach me the unknown?" Answer was, again, yes.
Perhaps he was waiting an approval for his behavior. An old lady said "you are very ambitious without the basement". He was to repeat the personality classes together with the philosophies as a treatment for his "baseless character".

Khaennauhn. At least he passed it. The test was to see if the subject has a clear understanding of why a contact is done and what are the priorities, like security and the targets. He understood this part very well, but his "self-image was very wrong" according to his teachers.

He remembered two years ago, when they were studying with his couple to discover different realms of mind and psyche. Personality classes were the worst part. The school were giving them counterfeit astral bodies made from very prominent figures of history of humanity. This day he was 'being' a dark master of secret sciences from a northern climate. Veroune, his couple, was making use of an astral body from a lady-magician from the Berber clans. She was a very good personality manager, holding her own self very open to changes, but being aware of its own distinct being at the same time. He was very passive comparing to Veroune, but he was resisting the changes at the same time. These changes were being considered normal while working different personalities within each human. He remembered how differently they described the emotions aroused by watching the sunset together. He remembered how they find contrasting faces of each human beings. He couldn't meet the expectations all the time. He has given a dark soul nowadays, to expose his dark side, to overcome it. He still couldn't. He feared like he never felt. Closed eyes, focusing on his heart area, he said nothing but repeated again his own name. Khaennauhn. It was feeling powerful.
As time passed, Khaennauhn became a Master himself, with a great wisdom. And he chose to see his evil side in detail. To understand himself and universe in full depth he passed Kulla Hadbrim and entered the utmost dark.

Khaennauhn got tests.. of destruction, nothingness, non-being. Just after the first entrance to dark side he got a journey to further the education. He has given a guide, in a shape close to an old human figure. They traveled together. They encountered a world with improved human beings and Khaennaun just watched them under the veil of time. There was somethings strange about them. In a short time he understood: a "common mind" they had there. Khaennaun created a suitable body in this realm and approached the group. There were strong mind impulses, people were trying to create a mind connection with him. But knowing what could happen, he didn't allow it. Because he had seen the past of these folks: when they first found a way to join minds with each other, they experienced very big devastations and shocks: learning what other people thought all their lives and seeing what they did to others and themselves forced them to have a fierce transformations period with murders and all kinds of wars. Most dedicated groups won the conflict and created a race with communal minds for everybody. But something gone unhealthy since the winners of the conflict had chose to not see the darkness in nature and themselves. They destroyed the memories of the past dark history of their race and they created a perfectly happy and healthy world in their living. They were happy. The focusing power of the common mind was too powerful and when they all focused on Khaennaun, he felt an unrejectable will power forcing him to open his mind. With the protection of Zazayl's blessing he resisted. And this way he saw the force they manage to make their own world according to their wishes. After seeing the resistance, the common mind chose to ignore him, his entire being. It was very interesting that while he walks, a certain area around him was not having any mind-waves and this area was moving with him too. Common mind had programmed to 'forget' such a being like him, and he was doing this by not-looking or wondering, a forced forgetting even without thinking about it! Khaennaun was fond of communal life styles and also liked the idea of a common mind with society. But not with such sick Pollyanna-folks.

He left his body there and when he opened his eyes again in the Mouve zone he saw they were approaching to an another world in the guidance of his helper. His mind again searched for mind-wave traces and impulses but there were interestingly only very weak signals he got. Mindless people? He asked himself. And he saw the story when he look onto the history; these people consider it rude to openly share your own thoughts in the public. They were aware of the dark side of humanity and they were using it in the service of creativity. "Hate" was necessary for them, as it is one of the most strong power sources of humanity, and must be directed against the harmful. They hated slavery and they hated forgettence. But they loved the things they consider highly. They were fierce both in their loves and hates. A very improved society, allowing personal development together with common virtues of high ideals of their race. Khaennaun wanted to interact with them. He searched the mind of a beautiful girl and she turned his face immediately with excitement. "How a lovely behavior!" Khaennaun thought. He tried to imitate the societal norms he observed and have time with her, then experienced the mind union people have with their private lives in this realm.

After a while he lived there, Guide warned him to continue the journey. They traveled to an another world. Actually they have traveled numberless realms and these journeys published in the world of Babel in 33th anniversary of Asdean revolution with the book called "Metamorphoses of Time: Journey Towards Being" in eleven chapters.
Khaennaun and the Guide later entered a totally different dimension. They were moving in the air with great speed and in far away a huge gate with endless walls in each side appeared. Khaennaun saw Babel's highest mountains and even higher things in his previous journeys but this gate was much more bigger in all aspects of it. There were absolutely no ends of the brilliant black walls in any direction and the colors of the gate were changing while they were approaching it. Blue, green, bloody red and with all these brilliance, there was a whole black pentagram on it in reversed shape. "Adamantine Gates" the Guide declared, of Hell.


First they encountered a vast great emptiness with only few sparks getting their attention. And perhaps all these void were inside only a point. Then they moved to the next level.

Two stars. Strange and shockingly beautiful two huge beings they saw. Beaming in phosphoric green, fiery red and some blues was making the whole black stars in some way visible with an insane and terrible style. Guide called them "The Twins". They chose the left star and entered inside the black fire's center. They were at the center of limitless black light streams, all their bodies, all their beings were being filled by it. The black light was wet and dry, and hot and cold at the same time. The feeling was.. the most alive thing one can experience - it was ungraspable. After a while the star became a gateway for them, to the third level.
There they saw the stones with no color and no reflection of light, the roots of matter, changing in size and frequency. It was a cold mirror for Khaennaun's understanding of life. There he saw the limits and changes of being.

In the fourth he saw worlds and countries similar to his own - he saw and touched even his own world. He spend a larger time there, if time really matters.
Then the fifth sphere came to their experience. On a big structure they were looking towards the ground below with numberless armies all clothed red. Khaennaun saw a huge empty area behind his position, looking to the audience like his place. It was like if a much more gigantic one has a place there. While focusing in an instance he saw a throne in this direction.

Crowds were filled with energy and the sounds coming from these soldier and wizard looking armies making them hear nothing else. They were hailing Khaennaun. He felt a power flow from them. It has increased and became visible. A huge power stream in fiery colors started flowing to Khaennaun. And the Guide shouted with a voice shaking the ground, saying "Let the Chosen of Zazayl Rise!" Crowds responded. Stream became a river and Khaennaun put his hands forwards and the stream started to focus on the black metallic wand the Guide gave to him. Then the power spread to ground and to Khaennauhn's entire being. He was inside of a huge fire stream and his body started to change. Then the wand forwarded a thin golden light toward the back from Khaennaun, to the place he saw the throne. Without consciousness Khaennaun shouted "Ho Zazayl! Greet us!" And a blacker than black beam started from there, coming from the skies, entering to the wand, and then spreading into the endless crowds howling.

In an upper level he encountered the God of destruction, death and endings. Zazayl. There were two gates before him, and Khaennaun followed the left. But this time, the Guide didn't. Khaennaun entered the chaotic waters. To his final test - the real fight. After lots of struggle he succeeded an unexpected thing for all beings. And his fight ended. He chose to return to fleshly life, to the time of twenty years after the revolution in Babel. Now, as an Immortal, he had plans for more than a thousand years.

Khaennauhn started teaching to breed the dark powers he is channeling - to create something far more better than his Masters taught him to create from mere human beings. He has chosen his pupils from the unwanted ones of the society. Rapists, murderers, criminals and prostitutes got a deep psychological education and transformation under his lead. They all became very powerful manipulators. "The new man should love the 'new of his own' but also should love the destructive urges he holds inside deep down." he was teaching. Later Khaennauhn disappeared and continued to teach and manipulate the human nation to make the nature reach the better design for humanity. Old Babel and their kind of civilization became a history by the touch of enemy powers. And Khaennauhn became one of the black masters. In each century there was a group teaching the mysteries he and his brothers praised. But their school was darker than what his own Asdean teachers and their various successors in different countries taught to people. Time passed and came an era like ours in our own world. And finally, Khaennauhn and his eternal comrades were ready to introduce the new humanity.


Close to the North Pole, an esoteric organization started to interfere with politics. That was the first country they captured the intelligence organization and governance. Reaching this level was not an easy task. First they created a self sufficient teacher-student organization. With the stated aims and unifying deeds, they became a force able to shout their ideals. I remember the times when our lecturer, a clairvoyant and a former medium, Bruja talked to us "Any philosophical, ideological or religious organization who praises the life and the world we are living in, sooner or later should interfere with the politics." Yes, there were numberless religious and esoteric groups who propagates that material world and life is bad. But if you support the life, then you should make it better. You should make it correct. It is politics. It should be politics, because it is the most direct and powerful relationship we developed within our lives, regarding our problems, our lifestyles and regarding the nature herself. And while their educational organization enlarges, they started to create a common understanding regarding the problems of the world and human nation. Then they founded new non governmental organizations, to help the humanity and to reach the masses for further interaction. One day, when they finally decided to have an open political voice, they send a letter to the most political organizations and groups at their country: "Understanding that humans are social beings, and knowing that any kind of organization increases the surplus and benefit from the kind of work they do, we should try to organize everybody and every member of the society, to unify our efforts towards the biggest benefits and solving our common problems." They offer a new class of people to their government called "human organizers". They were to get their living through organizing people, to repair their neighbors roof, or to create an activity about getting attention on environmental problems.

And they declared that they want to see a world inhabited by people who are able to talk in at least seven languages, and able to reach their potentials by different means. "Telepathy is one of these abilities we want to see in each human being, but it will create a new kind of social interaction inside human society" Betul was able to read our minds, together with my friends we were all agreed on this. We discussed on whether it is better to have a common mind or allow people to have individual minds. We learned sociology. We are being thought about the Vampyric Order of Humanity, which was the most beneficial part in our education I suggest. Though we didn't know its certain scientific validity, we have seen the benefits of magic and astral projection. We learned manipulation. I became an ideological warfare worker and I am continuing my job. I support their cause. Actually now it is my cause.

I saw when you learn a great bunch of secrets and develop so-called extraordinary abilities, not only your life changes, but you, and even your metabolism transforms into something new. We were not merely human beings anymore, I grasped this very well. "The New Babylonia". I remember what Bruja said in our last lesson:

All the world should learn from us. And we will teach them. We will not ban their schools, their media and their public opinion management systems. But side by side with their organizations, ours will spread around the world. We will reach both the oppressed and the oppressors. We will reach women, for they have the biggest role in our revolution. We will reach men, for they are the emanation of power. We will reach the poor and the rich.

We will create a new humanity by using what we have learnt and what we became. We will spread. We will not only create the next generation. Actually,


* * Following three chapters will be published when the Dragons wake up and rise at the world of Babel.